Kulinda Foundation

We are a group of entrepreneurs, scientists, lawyers, politicians and artists with the common goal to leverage our skills and influence, to contribute to wildlife conservation projects. We firmly believe in the employment of innovative technology in this field and aim to initiate, finance and manage practical, technological solutions for the preservation of wildlife worldwide. Kulinda means 'to protect' in Swahili.


Latest Projects


Personal Project Grant 2019

Giant Sable COLLARING Project - Dr. Pete Morkel

The Kulinda Personal Project Grant of 2019 has gone to Pete Morkel for his work protecting the critically endangered Giant Sable Antelope in Cangandala.

August 2019 Update from Dr. Morkel:
The project is looking extremely promising and yesterday I counted 20…

Foto Avy One.jpg

Kulinda-Avy UAV

February 2018

One of Kulinda’s current projects is to create an unmanned aircraft specialised for wildlife conservation. The advantage of having (affordable) ‘eyes in the sky’ in wildlife park management is a no-brainer. Kulinda has partnered up with aviation company Avy to create the perfect wildlife conservation aircraft solution. The Avy Wildlife UAV has wings, but lifts off like a drone with propellers.


Rhino Art Project

One of the Kulinda founders and conceptual artist Vincent Mock, has created art sculptures from three Rhino skulls, that were donated by Marakele National Park. Vincent gave his Rhinos a new horn made from solid crystal glass and asked tho Chinese master calligraphers to carve an ancient Chinese text about the importance of nature into the skull. The art pieces are used to raise awareness as well as funding for projects for Rhino conservation.